Glass Protection

Most commonly used on shower doors, windshields and windows, Vindico is a polymeric resin that protects your glass from calcium composite build-up caused from hard water and rust deposits. With Vindico, glass stays clean longer and build-up wipes off easily!

Shower Doors

Vindico keeps your shower enclosure clean, easy to maintain and looking like new. Vindico also promotes a hygienic shower environment by reducing bacteria growth.

On Windshields

Vindico fills in imperfections and uneven surfaces in windshield glass, strengthening your windshield and making it more difficult for small rocks to chip or crack the surface.

On Windows

Vindico helps keep your home free from mineral deposits and water spots due to air pollution and construction.

If you want to protect the glass in your home, Contact Us or call us today at 763-633-9694.

Thanks Jamie and guys rocked it again today with your service! By the time I got home this afternoon you had left a message saying that my projects were done. I really appreciate what you do to help me to complete what I see in "my mind's eye"'re the best!! Thanks again!!!