Reliable Security Glass and Framing Products from Riot Glass

J & A Glass understands the evolving needs for enhanced protection that our local retailers, businesses, schools, and other institutions face today. As your commercial glass system experts, we proudly offer security glass and framing solutions from Riot Glass.

How Riot Glass Works

Riot Glass products combine customized security glass panels and framing designs to deliver ultimate protection against ballistic and forced entry threats. They feature a diverse collection of proven products to ensure performance when and where it matters most:

  • Laminated glass
  • Containment-grade clear panels
  • Security window film laminates
  • Security screens
  • Patented aluminum framing

Riot Glass’s variety of products allow for truly customized solutions that meet your specific needs, application, and budget. Laminated Riot Glass panels are extremely robust and feature a tougher, stiffer thermoplastic interlayer that’s significantly more resilient than regular laminated glass interlayers. Their clear ArmorPlast panels consist of a combination of acrylics, polycarbonate, and other plastics, and are available in non-ballistic (containment-grade) and ballistic-grade (bullet-proof) ratings that are virtually impossible to break and get past, even when shot with bullets.

Using cutting-edge technology, these unique solutions can be adapted and retrofitted to virtually any existing window or glass door for enhanced security. They can also be installed as whole systems for new construction.

Riot Glass Products

  • ArmorPlast 25: Containment-grade (non-ballistic) glazing shield featuring a single ¼-inch AR-2 sheet that allows bullet penetration but resists cracking, shattering, and breaking to remain a barrier to forced entry.
  • ArmorPlast 375: Containment-grade, two-ply laminate panel featuring two 3/16-inch AR-1 sheets with an interlayer bond. Satisfies requirements of ASTM F1915 for a 30-minute attack.
  • ArmorPlast 50: Highest level containment-grade ArmorPlast shield. Three-ply laminate panel featuring two 1/8-inch AR-1 sheets, one ¼-inch polycarbonate interlayer sheet, and two interlayer bonds.
  • ArmorPlast 75: Ballistic-grade, ¾-inch thick three-ply laminate panel featuring two 1/8-inch AR-1 sheets, one ½-inch acrylic sheet, and two interlayer bonds. Meets UL 752 Level 1 rating for 9mm ballistic attack.
  • ArmorPlast 100: Ballistic-grade, 1-inch thick four-ply laminate panel featuring two 1/8-inch AR-1 sheets, two 3/8-inch polycarbonate interlayer sheets, and three interlayer bonds. Meets UL 752 Level 2 rating for a .357 Magnum ballistic attack and HP White TP 05000 Level IV.
  • ArmorPlast 125: Ballistic-grade, 1 ¼-inch thick four-ply laminate panel featuring two 1/8-inch AR-1 sheets, two ½-inch polycarbonate interlayer sheets, and three interlayer bonds. Meets UL 752 Level 3 rating for a .44 Magnum ballistic attack, HP White TP 05000 Level IV, and ASTM F1233 Class 5 requirements.
  • ArmorPlast 125MS: Highest level ballistic-grade ArmorPlast shield. Four-ply laminate panel with 1 ¼-inch overall thickness, featuring two 1/8-inch AR-1 sheets, one ½-inch attack-side acrylic sheet, one ½-inch polycarbonate sheets, and three interlayer bonds. Meets UL 752 Level 6 rating for a high-speed, multi-shot 9mm ballistic attack.
  • Laminated Riot Glass Panels: Robust glass shield featuring two layers of laminated glass, one highly resilient thermoplastic interlayer, and two interlayer bonds. Available in single and dual pane options ranging from ¼-inch thickness to 1-inch insulated glass. Also available in clear, tinted, and Low-E versions.
  • Riot Glass Sneeze Guard: Provides barrier to help prevent spread of viruses and bacteria such as COVID-19. Made from cast acrylic or extruded acrylic sheets. Also available in Riot Glass polycarbonate, impact-modified acrylic, and PETG sheets for enhanced impact strength.

As a local, family-owned and operated business, we prioritize satisfaction and safety with every project. When it comes to installing security glass and framing systems, our experts use a hands-on, service-focused approach to help you find the ideal solution for your application – one that provides reliable protection and peace of mind without sacrificing style and visibility. That’s why we trust Riot Glass.

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